Intuit QuickBooks

! These services for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 will be discontinued on 5/31/23:
Security updates:
Critical security updates
Payroll services:
Assisted Payroll
Basic Payroll
Enhanced Payroll
Standard Payroll
Payroll-related services:
Direct Deposit for vendors
QuickBooks Workforce (ViewMyPaycheck, VMP)
Credit card processing:
Merchant Services
Terminal download (Merchant Services)
Recurring payments
Online invoice
Check processing:
Intuit Check Solution
Tech support plans & included services:
QuickBooks Care protection plan
Other services:
Accountant Copy File Transfer
Multicurrency/exchange rate
Contributed reports
Online Banking
QuickBooks Email
QuickBooks Time
To continue using the services listed above without disruption, upgrade now to a new QuickBooks subscription. For more information about your options, please call: 800‑766‑8890.

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